Music: Filling the Void

I’m new to Vancouver, but it looks like just the place to learn everything about music that I’ve ever wanted to know. I’ve heard it’s hard to meet people, pointless to walk quickly, and easy to talk to strangers – but not about the vibrant music scene.

Compared to cities like Montreal or Toronto, it may seem lacking to some. But I am originally from Ottawa – the city just known for being the capital – and it didn’t exactly have a burgeoning arts scene. So, it was a step up.

But Vancouver? I can’t even find words to describe how much I love this city and how many opportunities it brings for live music. Just in September, I’ve been to Minus the Bear (at Venue) and Block Party (at the Commodore). Both amazing shows at amazing venues. And, I’ll be ramping up my concert attendance in winter because beach hypothermia is not a fun sport.

This blog will review these concerts and deconstruct bands’ roots, discuss historical influences, and expose the heart of what I think is a truly authentic musical scene.

Come learn with me. Let’s fill the lacuna (i.e. gap) in the music lexicon.

If there’s a band you think should be deconstructed/you have a favourite pick, let me know in the comments.  And don’t forget to subscribe!


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